Badguys you wish the good Doctor had fought

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Badguys you wish the good Doctor had fought

Postby Danger Schade » Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:03 pm

As the story of Dr. Patrick McNinja closes, it doesn't look like we're going to get many more villains for him to punch. Who or what kind of villain would you have liked to seen him throw down old school with?

For me I think I always kind of wanted him to fight some better, different Ninja sects. He fights the wimpy zombie and drug ninjas and clashes with Hortenese sometimes and he fights Rainier. (rayner? Reyinieir?) But he's more as an outlier, an ex-Ninja. there is contact with the american ninja guild, but for the most part they're all on the same side. I think I would have liked to see a seperate elite band of Ninja that want to beat up Doc for some reason or whatever, and they're like better than the McNinjas AT THEIR OWN GAME. It seems like Dan and Mitzi don't regard much of anything with awe or fear or respect, I would like to know what ninja they fear or hold in high esteem. Maybe there was an opportunity with ninja of Japan? As far as I know they're only mentioned as the origin of the irish Ninja, perhaps they all died out? SPECULATION ON FICTIONAL WORLDS BRO
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Re: Badguys you wish the good Doctor had fought

Postby skim172 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:23 am

I've actually wondered a little about Hortense. Unlike the McNinjas, who are masked at birth and never reveal their faces to anyone, Hortense is perfectly happy to show her face all the time and use her mask only when on the job (and sometimes, not even).

We know she's a member of the American Ninja Guild. So she is a ninja ... but the ninja guild apparently doesn't compel her to observe their ninja tricks.

Just speculating - but maybe Hortense is part of a different ninja faction. Technically the guild that Dan and the McNinjas belonged to was called "The Guild of American Ninja". A minor distinction, maybe. BUT - that guild was wiped out. Frans Rayner killed all the ninjas back in the 80's. The McNinjas were among a very few who survived by going into hiding. So who's this new "American Ninja Guild" set up in the mid 90's-ish era? Dan never mentions being the active head of a new ninja guild - he never talks about calling up some ninja backup from the guild, despite all the crises they go through.

My theory is that the American Ninja Guild are "new-age" ninjas - ninjas modernized for the contemporary world. No more lame masks, ninja tricks, and old rules - no, the new American Ninja Guild is in yo' face, down wit it, and rad to the x-treem (90's style!). Same stealthy killing, but without the black masks and pajamas. And no traditions. This ain't your daddy's ninja guild ... literally, because this is not Dan McNinja's ninja guild. These ninjas moved in from some other location and started advertising in an empty market - recruiting right off the street. And their scorn for the ancient ninja ways is what causes the rift between them and the survivors of Frans' ninjas holocaust.

Or maybe ... maybe Frans IS the founder of the new guild. Once he killed all the ninjas, then got famous for it in the movies, then set up a ninja school. Frans Rayner's American Ninja Guild franchise dojos, popping up like McBonald's.

Some kinda side story about that, maybe. Actually, I'm hoping if Doc Hastings ever decides to pull a JK Rowling and do a "Stories of the McNinja-Verse" kinda thing, that learning more about Hortense and her daily life would be an option.

Alternatively, a story about the talking hyenas. I love those guys.
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Re: Badguys you wish the good Doctor had fought

Postby LockeZ » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:26 am

The best enemies were the ones that forced Doc to use his doctor skills as well as his ninja skills. The ninja virus, the giant lumberjacks.

Those enemies were so contrived that it's almost impossible to come up with specific examples of ones I wish he'd fought, though. But I do wish there had been more of them. I guess Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster would have been fitting antagonists, but it's not like there was any shortage of mad scientists in the comic's run.
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