The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby helios » Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:35 pm

I'm sitting at the controls of the Batcomputer, staring at Clara's report on what happened since the docks. She wasn't happy about being back here, but I guess being cut out of that damned suit would have helped. And seeing Alfred alive and well.
Francisco, and Mali are sleeping in one of the soundproof rooms. They would get some peace there. Something they certainly needed.
"Thousands of Batmen? The only ones that didn't try to destroy the city? Curious." I mutter to myself.
"Something to sustain you, sir. You'll know which one it is. It's the hot soup beside the plate of cold meat and potatoes." Alfred places a platter down on the table beside me. I reach down and grab a cold potato.
"Thanks Alfred. I'll eat it." I say, staring at the screen.
"I do hope so, sir. One cannot survive on pith and vinigar alone." Alfred says, as he returns to the Main Part of the mansion. It was mostly re-built. The construction workers had been happy to get work, and were glad to stay away from whatever was happening to central Wasusy.
"Geez. I leave for, what? A year? And you've gone and burnt down the mansion without me." A youthful, playful voice echoes familierly around the Batcave.
I turn, and see someone I hadn't seen in a long, long time. He wasn't wearing a uniform I was familier with, but it was him.
"Dick. It's good to see you." I say, a real smile twitching at the edges of my mouth for the first time in months.
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Re: The P.I. Casefiles, Volume II

Postby Lich king » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:03 pm

In the caves and tunnels that summed up Frakenstein's lair I had finished transforming. I scaled the walls of the place reveling in the power of the wolf. I was had just grown tired off climbing when I smelled something coming from one of the tunnels that led out of the lair. It was delicious, I had to find out what it was and once I had done that I was going to sink my teeth into it. I ran into the tunnel hunting down my quarry when the tunnel suddenly ended, I could smell whatever it was behind the barrier but I was blocked. So naturally did I what any werewolf would have done, I smashed through the wall. Turns out the "wall" was actually the back of a Dumpster that was up against the wall, luckily the garbage truck had already emptied it or I would have been covered in God knows what. After I had ripped the front of the Dumpster off to escape I found myself in a street with a few people staring at me, well actually that's an understament, Everybody on the sreet was staring at me. Some of them were shocked, while some apparently knew what I was and had started to back away slowly. But I couldn't allow them to get, no, they were the scent that I had smelled back at the tunnel, I had just realized that I hadn't had anything to eat since my rebirth except for that one bite of hamburger.....I was hungr- no scratch that I was famished, and there was a buffet right in front of me. I charged at the nearest one and tore his throat out with my teethy reveling in the taste of his blood. I grabbed his limp body and tossed it into the hole that had once been a dumpster so as to save him for later, then I began my feast in earnest.....
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