Space Nazis Must Die!

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Space Nazis Must Die!

Postby DasHoff » Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:05 pm

Space Nazis Must Die
My new venture taking off in January.
We're cruising on this movie and all we need more buzz! Buzz it up, send it out, tell your friends, family and DOG! YES YOUR DOG (Unless he has diabetes, he won't care then)
Feel free to ask any or all questions you may have of the project!


Take aim at the final frontier with "Space Nazis Must Die" a campy science fiction movie based in the time period of World War 2.
Made in the older style of Science fiction, "Space Nazis Must Die" is a nostalgic take on a classic genre with fun and quirky aspects all throughout.

"Space Nazis Must Die" is a student project for the finals in VFS, as such it gets a limited budget and needs a little extra in fundraising. To complete the film to it's full potential please think about donating here:

Plot Online:
The year is 1943, it's been two years now since the Nazi party of Germany sent an attack force to the moon, and claimed it as their own. Allied force have finally completed the preparations for a counter-attack, building their own space transport and specially hand picked attack force.
John Miatland, a bomber captain from the United States of America, is heading the mission as it's leader.
Amelia Love, a Sargent of British R.A.F., is the second in command and navigation for the mission.
Igor Pussepp, a war hero from the U.S.S.R., is the pilot of the ship.
and finally
Enzo Vallett, a French freedom fighter in over his head, is the communications.

While this team may be formidable, they must learn to work together to hope and defeat the evil Nazi commander of the moon base, "Dr.Himmenstickle". The team will face hardship and pearl on this cosmic space journey but they must never forget...
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