THE RULES. Read them. Obey them. Live by them.

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THE RULES. Read them. Obey them. Live by them.

Postby starseedjenny » Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:43 am

These are the rules and are basically the forum disclaimer. A lot of them are taken and paraphrased from the old McNinja forums because those seemed to work pretty well. We all want to have fun here, so follow the rules and there will be no problems.

Don’t be jerks.

We understand that people have bad days and are cranky sometimes but dang. As far as we know, these forums have no ”listen to yourself!” function, so just think before you post something, especially if you typed it while perturbed.

Be appropriate. We’re not saying we’re going to stop every cuss to float over your keyboard, but be reasonable, please. We’re all trying to keep everyone happy and unoffended, so let’s keep it to a minimum.

Also, nothing pornographic. If you feel the need to link to something iffy, then link to it, but be clear about what it is.

That also means no malicious to semi-malicious prank linking. We won’t freak out about a link to Rick Astley’s greatest hit. A goatse, however, is a different matter altogether. SO BASICALLY DON’T BE GROSS K.

Don’t post pointlessly. Come on.

Don’t be a troll, flamer, or “OH EM GEE 1ST POST!!!1!!1111!!!!!!!”er. Please. Have some dignity.

Be aware of the direction a thread has taken. It’s always annoying to read someone’s post replying to the first statement of a thread when everyone’s talking about something completely different by then.

We don’t need a million introduction posts or “so I was listening to this song and felt like titling a thread with a lyric, so I did!” threads. ‘Nuff said.

Be coherent. Nobody wants to slog through 1337speak and awful grammar to be able to get to a point. We are not grammatical Indiana Joneses, and the basic idea of your post is not some priceless artifact.

Also, no spam. Durr.

Host any posted pictures on your Photobucket or Tinypic or whatever. Can’t have anyone draining bandwidth, can we? Also, you have no choice because attachments are disabled.

Keep avatars and signatures to a decent size. Avs need to be between 20x20 and 100x100. If we feel your sig or a posted picture is too big, a mod will let you know, but I’m pretty sure you guys can just use good judgment on this one.

Additionally, if you have a gender-ambiguous username, please consider identifying yourself via the "Gender" option in your profile (or even just in your signature). Nobody's going to make you, but be prepared to otherwise always be referred to as "it" or "they" :lol:

As Doc Hastings said, “All of that said, we all know this should be a fun internet to be at, and if we are all nice to each other I don't think it should be a problem!”
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