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Re: Religion Thread

Postby mistercow.pinoy » Sun Dec 06, 2009 3:33 pm

That sounds just like me Mike.
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Re: Religion Thread

Postby ktcarleton » Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:17 pm

I'm a christian, from a christian family, but we're all a bunch of scrooges. Mainly because of what you said- it's just too much stress and pressure. But whose fault is that? Our own. I always kind of hate myself a little, because I remember being really upset when I was 6 or something, I didn't get the present I wanted. I don't remember what the present I wanted was, but I remember the look on my dad's face of how hurt he was. He couldn't afford the present I wanted. And it's the same in every family, I think. Not that they can't afford it, perhaps, but that there's always someone trying so hard to make it perfect, and it never will be. It makes me a little sad, because I've tried for a few perfect Christmases myself, and it just completely misses the point. I'm pretty sure Mary didn't think, hey, I'm bringing the Messiah into the world. I should do it in a manger surrounded by horse crud. I'm a little mad at mankind for making this more than what it's supposed to be. Being with the ones you love, and being thankful. Whether you're religious or not, that is the point.

^^rant over
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